I am looking for folks in the general Greater Metropolitan Atlanta Area. I need a social life that happens outside my actual house.

If you follow me and live in the GMAA, drop me a line! Please? I’d like to meet up for something simple. Lunch or coffee.

Maybe a book-exchange? I ALWAYS have a lot of books I am passing along. If you have books you no longer want, I’d be happy to spend some time looking through books with you.

Or anything, really. PLEASE 🙂



my girl won first place in a history related essay contest! She wrote about Ellis Island. There is going to be a dinner for winners and their parents!

She’s so smart.


My awesome friend Elizabeth Jackson was over again today! I now have the cleanest, most organized closet EVAH!

I really should have taken before and after pics of my room and closet. Since I didn’t, let me just say that we filled 2 large boxes and 2 large bags for charity AND 5 black 30 gallon trash bags that were put to the curb tonight.

Sweet Bizbet will be back in 2 weeks to help me conquer the kitchen and the living room!!


Bizbet came over on Monday. I now have a wonderfully clean bedroom! It’s beautiful.
Thank you!

one step at a time

I had a really bad month in January. My doctor wanted to try to change my meds, but it really REALLY didn’t work out. I had a pretty harsh set-back depression wise. The doc switched my meds back, but the culmination of ramping down, weaning off and then ramping back up takes time. Plus, the level of meds and proper chemical levels in my brain were messed up and even with the meds back full strength, it took some time for the chemical levels to finally get back to “normal”. So, It sucked and I had a bad spell.

BUT, I am finally regular I think! I spent all yesterday changing bedsheets and washing every dirty peice of cloth in the house. Plus, everything that went through the washer ALSO went through the dryer AND got folded ANDANDAND put away! I often peter-out at the folding and almost always at the putting away.

As is evidenced by the fact that I spent a good chunk of today putting away all of my unfolded, stacked-up clothes that I don’t think have been hung or drawered since New Year’s. It took a while, but all my stuff is on hangers or in a drawer and I can see a few surface tops in my bedroom again.

I don’t want to get my hopes up or plan for too much and then fail and feel like a disappointment again, but I am cautiously optimistic that things are going to be fine soon. I have a friend who organizes and prettifies as her job. I am going to have her come and help me do stuff one room at the time. I’ll pay her and she’ll help me decide what to store, what to donate, what to throw away and how to properly display or put away everything else.

I am feeling like a real person again! Bi-polar can bite my ass

what’s up with me?

So. My oldest has been drifting and unsettled since high school. He didn’t do well at college the year he was there and he hasn’t been back since. He hasn’t found a “real” job in the intervening time. He lived here a while and with my mother-in-law a while. A little bit of back-and-forth. He’s been doing part-time freelance work as a computer trouble-shooter. Repairs, installations, debugging, I don’t really know. But it hasn’t been steady or profitable.

Back in October, my mother-in-law started coaching him about an unpaid internship she could get him. It would be for 3 months and he’d have room and board. He’d be doing computer work for a non-profit and it would be good experience. both on his resume and in the real-world of learning to have a full-time job.

But it would be in Romania.

I balked. Obviously. But I was over-ruled. So, In mid-February, my oldest flew to Romania and he is living there until May. He seems to be adjusting okay so far. I miss him terribly.



the moon is too bright shining through the closed blinds at 2am, please turn it off

husband, you are sleeping but I am going to smother you if you don’t stop breathing so loudly

the pain is mostly on the left, lying on my left side allows the counter-pressure on the outside of my skull to hold my brain in, but it also allows the weird hugeness of my left hemisphere to press on the back of my eyeball, which makes me feel nauseated something fierce

lying on my right side to alleviate the nausea doesn’t squeeze my swollen brain enough to keep it from bulging out of my head and pulsating with every heartbeat

don’t look out of the left side of my left eye! although the beautiful star-burst constellation is lovely, I am also pretty sure it’s a hallucination